A pioneer in pharmaceutical distribution services in the UAE.

At A Glance

Al Salama Drug Store, established in 2015, is a leading distribution company in the UAE supplying Medical, and Pharmaceutical products from many multinational companies and local companies in the healthcare industry.

The company has in its portfolio many products from medical supplies to pharmaceuticals and consumer health products. Its focus is not only on pharmaceuticals, but also on quality medical equipment

Today, Al Salama Drug Store has proved beyond doubt that it has the resources, facilities, skills and vision leading towards the realization of this goal. Looking to the future, we are confident that we will be instrumental to the continued development of this success.


As the CEO of a fast-growing, mid-size pharmaceutical company, it is my responsibility to continuously build and form a company that is competitive, resilient and innovative, allowing us to successfully navigate in a complex and constantly changing environment. 
In order to achieve this, we rely on being able to attract, develop and also retain dedicated and highly skilled talents, who work passionately together. We are doing this by offering our employees a climate of responsibility, accountability and respect where every employee has the opportunity to excel and develop to their full potential. One of my main duties as CEO is to foster a climate of entrepreneurship; a climate in which employees can reach extraordinary goals by identifying themselves with our company. Together with our Top Management, we develop strategies and communicate these to our employees so that everyone understands the long-term goal of Al Salama Drug Store LLC.
With dedicated team and committed employees in United Arab Emirates, I am confident that we will be able to reach our goals step by step and exceed the expectations of our Clients because… whatever we do… we do it with passion!


Chief Executive Officer

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